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25 4x6 Floral Essential Oils Sample Cards, Doterra, Young Living, For Sample Bottle Containers, Box, Pack, Set, Kit, Bags, Packets, Case, Holder Sampler Labels For Distributor Party Business Supplies

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Why should you order your own essential oil sample tester cards?

· Durable – Printed on Premium Cardstock

· Easy to write on

· One of a kind design

· Generous 4x6 size allows plenty of room to fill out the details and provide instructions

· Designed and Made in the USA

· Impress your friends and family with meaningful samples

· 100% Money Back Guarantee

BONUS – If you are a distributor for doterra, young living, yl, then these cards are essential to your business success. These cards will help customers know how to apply their new essential oils and will provide the necessary tools and ideas to get everything out of their new product. When you throw an essential oils party for your friends make sure you hand out these cards as a gift bag or thank you to encourage people to "join my team", If you are a planner and need materials stuff and mailers directions then don't pass these up. A perfect way to advertise that you are selling.

Why choose Hadley Design’s Cards?

· Hadley Design’s are a customer favorite!

· They are unique and different from the mass produced & boring distributor accessories and bundles.

· It's the personal touch that make Hadley Designs seller starter kit set.

· Each card is handcrafted on heavy-weight extra smooth cardstock.

· You will receive an exceptional product with meticulous attention paid to every last detail

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you aren't satisfied with your purchase or have any questions/concerns please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, we are here to help. If you aren't happy with your purchase we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so your purchase is TOTALLY RISK FREE!


  • IMPRESS YOUR CUSTOMERS - By providing friends, family and customers with extra samples and sharing your special instructions for essential oils, you will always be remembered and appreciated.
  • BEAT THE COMPETITION - You will have a huge upper hand compared to your competitors as you provide your customers with more information than other distributors.
  • GET MORE REFERRALS - By going the extra mile and including these sampler cards with your customer's orders, It reminds them of you and your business and opens the door for them to pass your business card to friends or family.
  • SAVE MONEY - Only $.59 per card! Compare it to other sets that cost $.95 per card!!!

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