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Business Thank You Cards

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  • Encourage Repeat Business with these customer appreciation cards; As a small business owner, you don’t just want customers; You want repeat customers, leave a first impression that lasts; Plus, at 3.5 inches by 5 inches, they are large enough that they won’t get buried in the package;
 These cute, green and faux gold thank you cards send the right message; You’re professional; You’re personable; And you care about your customers; Printed on heavy duty cardstock, these cards stand up to shipping.
  • Save Time and Grow Your Business; Let your customers know that you appreciate their business; Thank them for their purchase and create a customer connection with a chic, little note; It takes just a few seconds; On the front of each card is a watercolor design, with cactus and succulent plants, that reflects a unique, boho style; It also reads, “Thank you for supporting my business; Your order made my day; I hope this package makes yours;” On the back, you can write a short, custom message.
  • Boost Brand Loyalty by tucking these small, thank you for your order cards in each shipment; A personal touch makes all the difference; Customers know when they’re just a number and when they matter; These customer appreciation cards show your customers that they matter to you; When they know they matter, they come back for your products and services; They become lifelong customers;
 Say, "We appreciate your business!" with these small thank you cards.
  • Earn Glowing Praise; Tell customers, "We appreciate you" with these cute cactus thank you cards; And they'll appreciate you right back by referring you to friends and family.
  • Let Our Small Business Support Your Small Business; We know you hustle to grow your business, but no hustle is required to say thank you; These we appreciate your business cards are the easiest way to bolster frequent purchases and build positive impressions of your brand; Our products are made to inspire; Inspire your customers by showing how much you care with these small tokens of appreciation.

PartNumber: business thank you 009

Details: Grow your small business the easy way! As a small business owner, you want to make a lasting impression with customers. These watercolor thank you cards for small business send the right message. You’re professional. You’re personable. And you care about customers. Tucking a unique thank you business card inside your customers’ orders lets them know that their purchase matters and that they matter. It’s a simple way to say, "Thank you for your purchase," and to encourage repeat business. When customers know that they matter, they come back for your services and shop again for your products. Better yet, they’ll refer your business to friends and family. These boho thank you notes make the difference. Printed on heavy-duty cardstock, these cute, thank you for supporting my small business cards stand up to shipping. Plus, at 3.5”x 5”, they are large enough that they won’t get buried in the package. With these chic customer appreciation cards, you can create a connection and save time. You want to let all of your customers know that you appreciate their business, but you don’t have time to write long thank you notes. On the front of these cards is a green, succulent plant design and beautifully printed message. There’s even room on the back to write a short, personal note. As a small business, we know you hustle to grow your business, but no hustle is required to say thank you. Designed and printed in the USA, these thank you for your purchase cards are the easiest way to grow your business and build your brand. Order your own thank you notes today to build a better business for tomorrow! If you have any questions or concerns about your cactus thank you cards small business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help!

Model: business thank you 009

Binding: Unknown Binding

Item Condition: New

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